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"I believe God has filled you to the brim with all of heaven’s resources so that you can live the life you were created for.
But it's not just about you! It's about all of creation groaning for you to wake up and embrace this new life that is found in Christ! It's about a much bigger story! And it’s my calling to help you discover and steward your story!"
Betsy Jacobs

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I Am My Father's Child



Many Christians depend on others to deliver prophetic words from the Lord, hoping that the person prophesying will help direct their destinies or shape their identities. But what if you could hear God personally and learn to prophesy over yourself?

In this powerful, engaging book, Betsy Jacobs brings you into prophetic encounters where you will hear God’s voice and learn to prophesy what He is saying about you.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you a prophetic word. As you begin to hear God’s voice and speak His Truth over yourself, you can walk in the identity and destiny for which you were made!

Gain practical tools to…

  • Discern prophetic “hearing and seeing” moments where God is communicating uniquely to you.
  • Transform the sphere of influence you’ve been called to by prophesying words of life and Truth.
  • Experience deeper realms of intimacy with God by abiding in your identity as a son or daughter.
You don’t need to rely on the prophetic words of others to access your destiny. Prophesy God’s truth over your life today!

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We Are A Family Of Believers.

ex·u·ber·ant: growing luxuriantly or profusely.
rev·o·lu·tion : a forcible overthrow of social order in favor of a new system.

United by Jesus Christ, we are a collective of revolutionists who have embraced the new covenant - a new, exuberant life that yields Heaven on Earth through Holy Spirit. As we are all sons and daughters, we are also teachers and artist, musicians and authors. We develop and exhort. We heal and prophesy. We equip and are called to unite! As a unique expression of God, we've been called to live the exuberant life that Jesus, who is making all things new, has called us to live; a life of power that is ruled by Love.

If you would like to invite Ben & Betsy Jacobs or the ELR Team to come and equip your small group or church in the prophetic or would like a encouraging exhortation spoken over your group, send us an invitation through the "contact us" button.

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More About Life Coaching

Life Coaching is the practice of pulling out the solutions that Christ has placed inside of you. It's a way of serving through listening and asking Spirit led questions that pull the God breathed desires of your heart into reality. Together we will walk through times of transition empowered, as we take discovered solutions and turn them into practical action steps.

If you are interested in partnering with a Life Coach but want to know more about it, I offer one free session. As it's really important that you hit it off with your Life Coach, you will be looking for someone that can really help you in your pursuits. In our first session we will get to know one another, talk about your goals and what you'd hope to get out of a coaching relationship. If you'd like to explore this option more, fill out the information below and we will book a time for your free session.

What are you most passionate about in life?
What are three major things you’d like to change or accomplish in the next six months?
What’s the first thing you’d want to work on with a coach?

Who I am

For as long as I remember, I’ve had a God given grace placed on my life that has created an atmosphere of joy, and that joy has produced an incredible strength. Though life has been hard at times, just like anyone else, my heart has been postured in such a way that I’ve been able to embrace God’s perspective and apply it to my life very faithfully and purposefully. This has created permissions and space for me to walk with God in a radical way, giving me what I can only describe as an exuberant life! It’s been this empowered life that has drawn people to me for counsel, but it was the equipping I received through Bethel Life Coach training and being mentored by some of the most passionate lovers of Jesus that has given me the tools I needed to steward this gift of wisdom on my life for others; so much so that I’ve had to set up a formal practice to serve better those God is drawing to me. With exuberance and passion, I’ve embraced the destiny for my life which is to help you discover and claim the life that Jesus has afforded you! I’ve coached people from all spectrums of life, from the politicians to itinerant ministers, missionaries to entrepreneurs and they all share a common thread- the need to know and experience being known by God. This is what I've been graced and gifted to help you with.

What I do

  • I partner with Holy Spirit to ask powerful questions that draw out the wisdom God has placed within you.
  • I help you to grasp vision for your life.
  • I create a breakthrough atmosphere for you to hear and see what God is revealing to you.
  • Together we create powerful action steps so that you can begin to live powerfully.
  • I commit to seeing you the way God sees you so that you can grow from a place of knowing and being known.
  • I am an accountability partner and encourager as we walk side by side in any life area you choose to navigate.

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